​The United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement workers of America was founded in May 1935 in Detroit, MI. Beginning with organizing General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler laborers the UAW now represents over 400,000 members with more than 580,000 retirees. The UAW now has 1,150 contracts with over 1,600 employers. The UAW now covers workers in multiple different fields such as

  • Automobile manufacturing
  • ​Aerospace manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • ​Casino Gaming
  • Nursing
  • ​Teaching Assistants
  • ​etc.

Here at UAW Local 2162 our goal is to protect laborers rights in the workplace, advance workers rights through politics and make a difference in our community. Safety is our number one priority for our members and we hold our employers to a high standard of safety to ensure that all laborers are working in the safest conditions possible. We strongly believe in the power of the workers is used through collective bargaining and the grievance procedure. We stay active in politics to promote candidates whos values align with those of the international union to further the workers rights within their workplace.

Our Mission

​About Local 2162

At local 2162 we have a strong belief in making a difference in our community. Recently we held a school supply drive for the local school (Reno) Desert Heights Elementary. We were able to collect hundreds of school supplies so that children who could not afford them would not be left out. We have also held fundraisers for multiple different charities such as

  • Bobbie's Bears
  • UNCF
  • Habitat For Humanity
  • etc.

UAW Local 2162 was founded in 1980 in Reno,Nv. We are an amalgamated local union representing  49 active members in Reno, Nv at General Motors and 21 active members in Las Vegas, Nv at Navistar. We also take pride in our hundreds of retirees who paved the way for where we are today.

about​ the UAW

Uaw Local 2162


                                                                  1755 E Plumb Ln # 160, Reno, NV 89502

Upcoming Events

Local Events

Recently UAW Local 2162 held officer elections. A special thank you to our election committee and all those who exercised their right to vote. Whether it is in a local election or voting for members of government voting is always important.

​Upcoming scheduled events​​

  • July 23rd- Union meeting (cancelled)
  • August 24th- E-Board meeting
  • August 27th- Union meeting (cancelled)
  • September 4th- Labor Day
  • September 4th- Labor Day Parade in Virginia City
  • September 16th- UAW/GM Family Day at the Air Races
  • September 21st- E-Board meeting
  • September 24th- Union meeting
  • October 19th- E-Board meeting
  • October 22nd- Union meeting
  • October 31st- Halloween

​UAW making a difference

Build Union products. Buy Union made products. Keep America union strong.