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UAW Local 2162 was founded in 1980 in Reno, Nevada. We are an amalgamated local union representing  49 active members in Reno, Nv at General Motors and 21 active members in Las Vegas, Nv at Navistar. We also take pride in our hundreds of retirees who paved the way for where we are today. We currently hold union meetings on the last Sunday of every month at our union hall. We have strived since the beginning to bring positive change to northern Nevada through our charitable donations and work in the community. Many active and retired members are also active in volunteering for political activities. We also heavily promote donations to our UAW V-CAP to help in the election of politicians who support Labor Unions and expanding the rights of Union Labor.

What it means to be union

About Local 2162

Mission outside of the workplace

  • Our mission outside of our workplace is to make a positive impact on our community through charity and community service. We also strive to help in the election of union supportive politicians.

Many work places organize and all it takes is one person to take a stand for what you deserve. You have the legal right to organize and the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has laws on how the process works. If you are interested in unionizing your workplace feel free to reach out to a local union because they may support you through the process. Here is a quick guide on the process to how unionizing a workplace goes.

  1. The First important step to unionizing is to set up your organizing committee. These are going to be the people in the workplace creating a platform for unionizing and talking to people. Getting the initial 30% signatures by employees is crucial as it "shows interest" and allows the beginning or running a campaign.
  2. After this a petition is submitted to the NLRB to show the workers are interested in unionizing. If approved the NLRB will set a date for an election to be held in which a majority vote will carry.
  3. During the time in between the election date and the date approved the company will almost always run an anti campaign to try and stop the unionization. This is a crucial time to stay in touch with interested members as they may use scare tactics to try and change members votes. Running your own pro campaign and holding meetings with potential members of your own will be very beneficial.
  4. When voting day arrives all eligible employees will cast a vote on whether or not to unionize in private. If a majority vote carries to unionize CONGRATULATIONS you have just organized your workplace.
  5. The next step is that your elected bargaining committee will now sit down and bargain with your employer to create a contract outlining the agreement between the company and the union.

Many people ask what it means to be in a union and it's hard to give just one answer because being union means so many things. The first thing being in a union means is that you know that your brother and sisters in your union are there to look out for you. Laborers in a union stand together collectively instead of individually. This is known as solidarity. Solidarity is the backbone of unions and gives the workers a voice in their workplace that normally would be silenced. ​Being in a union also means you and your union brothers and sisters have the right to collectively bargain with your employer. This means you can bargain with your employer for what your truly deserve for the work you perform instead of just getting whatever the company feels like giving you. Once your union reaches an agreement you as a member get to vote on whether what has been agreed upon is fair through a majority vote by the members.   

If an agreement cannot occur you as members have the right to strike together. This is where the power of the Union comes from because when we stand together in solidarity to fight for what's right our voices are heard. Other than standing together for improvements in the work place many union members are involved in charity and politics. Multiple local unions hold fundraising drives or hold charity events to help better their communities as well. Whether for a large charity or donations to local charities and schools members take pride in helping to make the community a better place. Members don't just stop at charity to make a change. A lot of members hold positions within their local or state governments and many others volunteer to help promote politicians who support unionized labor. Lastly and most importantly being union means you have a new family. You will have union brothers and sisters who your relationships with will carry on well beyond retirements.

How To Unionize

Mission in the workplace

  • Here at local 2162 our mission is protecting and advancing our members rights in the work place and making sure safety is always put first. Safety is the most important thing to us because nothing else matters in the end if you don't go home in the same condition that you came in. Right behind safety is making sure all of our members receive equal representation in the protection of their rights as workers. We take the rights of our workers very seriously and do everything we can to uphold these rights.

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