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Local 2162 Benefits, Health and

Safety Representatives

Local 2162 Health and safety Rep. Lori Johnson

Lori Johnson is the local health and safety representative for local 2162 at General Motors. She has a strong dedication to the safety and well being of our members. She handles all safety incidents and is always looking to improve safety conditions within the workplace.

Tony Cunningham is the alternate benefits representative at Local 2162 at General Motors. He is always more than happy to handle any benefits issues you have and will help you through the whole process.

Local 2162 Alternate Benefits Rep. Tony Cunningham

Local 2162 Benefits Rep. Celia Rosales

Celia Rosales is the Benefits representative for Local 2162 at General Motors. She holds a high standard for helping our members understand and use their contractual benefits. No matter your concern she is always willing and able to help.

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