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Bobbies Bears is a local charity event in Reno, Nv that hits close to home for us. After one of our retirees lost his son they began the charity event for Bobbies bears. Bobby was a REMSA (Emergency Medical Services) employee and always would try to make the rides in ambulances as comfortable for young kids as possible. The best way his parents came to find to honor his memory was Bobbies Bears. Bobbies Bears takes charitable donations and uses them to purchase stuffed teddy bears that can be given to the kids of traumatic injuries to help comfort them and make their experience just a little easier. We locally help a fundraiser and raised money to donate for the purchase of the bears. Multiple REMSA employees came out with Mr. and Mrs. Potts to accept the donation.

Bobbies Bears

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                                                                  1755 E Plumb Ln # 160, Reno, NV 89502