What is GOTV?

Who does the UAW endorse in Nevada?

The international UAW has officially endorsed Hillary Clinton for President of the United States of America. This endorsement was made due to Hillary's past recording of protecting and fighting for workers rights as well as Donald Trumps record of fighting workers just like the UAW members at his casino in Las Vegas that he refuses to bargain with.

GOTV is an acronym for get out the vote. This is a program that is part of the UAWs community action program (CAP). This program promotes just how important each and every one of our votes matters in the election. It stresses the importance of being registered to vote and making sure that you exercise that right. It also acts as a resource to learn what candidates policies are in different areas and which ones support organized labor. GOTV doesn't just stop there though. It starts with the members making there voice heard in politics through different sources such as phone banking, labor walks, volunteering for political activities, ect.

Who does the UAW endorse for President of the United States?

Why is GOTV important?

Important Dates in Nevada

This years election is more important than ever. Many candidates up for election support the expansion of labor laws and protecting the workers but the same is said for those who oppose. At all levels of government from federal, state, and even local the candidates who are elected this year will have an enormous impact on which direction laws that protect workers rights will go. The attack on workers rights has never been stronger and big business is spending more than ever to elect candidates who will deplete the rights of the workers.

Get Out The Vote

Currently the only candidate officially endorsed in the state of Nevada is Catherine Cortez Masto. She is running for election for the state senate seat. She supports organized labor and the protection of workers rights.

  • Voter registration deadline: 10/18/2016
  • Early voting opens: 11/4/2016
  • Election day: 11/8/16

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