What is V-CAP?


By law the most than any PAC may give to one candidate in a federal election is $5,000 for a primary election and $5,000 for a general election. This may be donated again each election for things such as a re-election campaign. For state and local elections it varies by state and local laws.

What party does the UAW V-CAP contribute to?

The UAW V-CAP drive sells tickets for a drawing will all proceeds going to the V-CAP fund. Tickets are sold at all UAW locals and put together for the drawing where lucky winners could win a cruise or a hunting trip. Tickets are $3.00 each or 2 for $5.00. If you are a monthly contributor to V-CAP you can get multiple tickets for a cheaper price. (Winners are responsible for any applicable taxes).

You can contribute to V-CAP monthly with a direct deduction from your pay check. This can be done by filling out a UAW V-CAP checkoff form and turning it in. You may also contribute by buying V-CAP tickets for the raffle or making a direct donation to the V-CAP. For more information or direct questions see your local V-CAP organizer!

Local 2162 V-CAP organizer Larry Wilson

Uaw Local 2162


                                                                  1755 E Plumb Ln # 160, Reno, NV 89502

What can V-CAP give to candidates?

Why does V-CAP matter?

V-CAP Drive

V-CAP is the united auto workers political action fund. V-CAP stands for voluntary community action program.  It is made up from voluntary donations from UAW members, retirees and UAW supporters. This money is used to support political candidates who believe in union labor.

The UAW V-CAP does not donate to just one political party. Candidates from all parties are considered and interviewed by the V-CAP committee. As long as a candidate is a supporter of unionized labor they are eligible to receive contributions from V-CAP.

Whether we realize it or not laws being created in politics effect us everyday. Policies such as NAFTA and the TPP send work over seas to other countries and right to work laws set back the American worker. Corporations are always trying to find new ways to break up American Unions and contribute billions of dollars into politics to do it. This is our way of pushing back and supporting our candidates because we may not have billions but we have numbers.

How do I contribute to V-CAP?